My Little Pony Early Reader Collection 4 Books Set

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My Little Pony Early Reader Collection 4 Books Set
一套4本的My Little Pony Early Reader系列不但有精美插圖外,非常適合剛開始自行閱讀的小讀者作為橋樑書,也適合父母一同伴讀,更可以和小朋友一起討論,如果事情發生在自己身上會怎樣處理等話題,故事內容亦可令小朋友有所反思!
This full-colour Early Reader is perfect for young pony fans just starting their own reading adventure.
Applejack's Surprise
Applejack loves her little sister, Apple Bloom. But when they have a big fight, Apple Bloom runs away! Can Applejack and her sister learn to be friends? With all your favourite My Little Pony friends and simple language endorsed by a literacy consultant, learning to read has never been more fun
Twilight Sparkle's Princess Spell
When Twilight Sparkle reads an old spell she accidentally muddles up all her friends' cutie marks! Can Twilight help her friends remember what their special talents are and fix the mix-up? And will the spell make Twilight's princess dreams come true 
Pinkie Pie's Perfect Party
When Pinkie Pie starts to plan a party for Rainbow Dash's birthday, she gets a big surprise - there's a new party planner in town! But as Cheese Sandwich and Pinkie Pie fight about who will plan Rainbow's party, Rainbow Dash isn't having much fun at all! Will Pinkie Pie be able to give her friend the perfect party.
Rainbow Dash's Big Race
Rainbow Dash REALLY wants to win the big Equestira Games relay race. But her team aren't very fast. When she gets the chance to fly with her heroes, the Wonderbolts, Rainbow Dash is torn. She loves her friends . . . but does she love winning more These full-colour My Little Pony Early Readers are endorsed by a literacy consultant and perfect for building reading ability.

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