Beast Quest (Series 6) 6 Books Set Collection Adam Blade

Hachette Childrens Books

  • $229.00

Beast Quest Series 6 books Collection.

Adam Blade’s Beast Quest series has been a huge success in converting reluctant readers to chapter books and now you can get your hands on the sixth series to keep your kids reading! Including a further six tales from the vast world of Avantia, this set sees brave Tom battle an array of new deadly foes as he goes in search of the special potion that will save his ailing mother from the clutches of the evil Wizard Velmal. Along the way, our hero must battle the likes of Muro the vile Rat Monster and Vespick the Wasp Queen in these action-packed stories, that are full of exciting adventures that young boys in particular will enjoy.

Title in This Set

Beast Quest: KOMODO The Lizard King
Beast Quest: TERRA Curse Of The Forest
Beast Quest: MURK The Swamp Man
Beast Quest: VESPICK The Wasp Queen
Beast Quest: FANG The Bat Fiend
Beast Quest: MURO The Rat Monster