Busy Wheels in a Bag Collection - 12 Books


  • $329.00

Product Info.: By Peter Bently & Mandy Archer | Age 3+ |  230 x 253 x 55mm | Paperback

Presented in a striking yellow carry bag, this 12-book collection features a whole host of stories about animal characters and their adventures in vehicles ranging from racing cars to tractors. 

With eye-catching artwork and gentle stories to read over and over again, children will love reading about an embarrassment of panda bears who blast off into space; a lovable mutt who drives trains around; and some feline policemen who will catch a cat burglar. 

Rev yourself up for a brilliant time reading through these incredible stories!

Titles in this collection (12)
  1. Racing Car is Roaring - Mandy Archer & Martha Lightfoot
  2. Fire Engine is Flashing - Mandy Archer & Martha Lightfoot
  3. Police Car on Patrol - Peter Bently & Martha Lightfoot
  4. Train is on Track - Peter Bently, Bella Bee & Lucy Fleming
  5. Digger to the Rescue - Mandy Archer & Martha Lightfoot
  6. Tractor Saves the Day - Mandy Archer & Martha Lightfoot
  7. Dumper Truck Dash - Peter Bently & Martha Lightfoot
  8. Plane's Royal Rescue - Peter Bently, Bella Bee & Lucy Fleming
  9. Monster Truck Mountain Rescue - Peter Bently & Martha Lightfoot
  10. Ambulance in Action - Peter Bently & Martha Lightfoot
  11. Space Shuttle Blasts Off! - Peter Bently & Louise Conway
  12. School Bus Saves the Day - Peter Bently & Louise Conway