Christmas Wishes 10 Book Collection

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  • $249.00

This fantastic collection contains 10 beautiful picture books to get anyone into the festive spirit. Included in this set are classic such as Jingle Bells, Twas the Night Before Christmas and The Twelve Days of Christmas, brought together in a Christmas themed bag including a soft, cuddly penguin key ring.

This set is the perfect gift for children aged 0-5.

Titles in Collection

  1. "What's a Christmas?"
  2. 'Twas the Night Before Christmas
  3. The Twelve Days of Christmas
  4. The Christmas Selfie Contest
  5. Santa's 12 Days of Christmas
  6. A Very Messy Christmas
  7. Jingle Bells
  8. Oh, No, Mr. Snowman
  9. The polar bear who saved Christmas
  10. The Stinky Sprouts in a rather smelly Christmas tale!

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