Colin Dexter's Inspector Morse Collection - 14 Books (Collection)

Colin Dexter's Inspector Morse Collection - 14 Books (Collection)

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Colin Dexter's Inspector Morse is one of the great detectives from the world of fiction and our 14-book collection gives you the chance to read through every one of his compelling cases.

Morse is a curmudgeonly detective with some snobby attitudes but you can't help but root for him as he tries to keep his beloved Oxford safe from criminals. Accompanied by his ever-loyal assistant Robbie Lewis, they discover the famous city is seething with jealousy and dark secrets. Will they be able to keep it safe?

This complete collection is full of cases that will keep you guessing. We'd recommend these novels and accompanying set of short stories to anyone who loves classic murder mysteries and those who enjoyed the popular TV adaptation.

For fans of authors like: Ruth Rendell, P.D. James, Josephine Tey

Format: paperback

Titles in this collection (14)

  1. Last Bus to Woodstock
  2. Last Seen Wearing
  3. The Silent World of Nicholas Quinn
  4. Service of All the Dead
  5. The Dead of Jericho
  6. The Riddle of The Third Mile
  7. The Secret of Annexe 3
  8. The Wench is Dead
  9. The Jewel That Was Ours
  10. The Way Through the Woods
  11. The Daughters of Cain
  12. Death is Now My Neighbour
  13. The Remorseful Day
  14. Morse's Greatest Mystery and Other Stories