When Tom Met Tallulah By Rosie Reeve

When Tom Met Tallulah By Rosie Reeve

Bloomsbury Publishing PLC

  • $39.00

When Tom meets Tallulah, he's just a shy little kitten but Tallulah knows just how to make him feel at home. Tallulah, you see, is very good at 'CAT'. She can tell exactly what Tom wants from a simple 'purr' or 'miaow'. They are the perfect team, best friends until . . . Tom begins to learn 'HUMAN'. Suddenly, Tom is not quite as cute as he first seemed. SOMEONE has not been nice . . . 

Find out just how much mischief one rascally cat can get up to in this rebelliously funny picture book.

  • Paperback | 32 pages
  • 245 x 274 x 23.11mm | 189g


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