Curious George Collection - 7 Books


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Product Info.: By Margret and H.A. Rey | Age 3+ | Dimensions: 20.3cm x 20.2cm | Paperback

Curious George is a very cheeky monkey who is beloved by millions of children all around the world. This seven-book collection finds him catching a train, fighting fires and even encountering a dinosaur!

Written by Margret and H.A. Rey, the books find Curious George heading off on all sorts of familiar situations. We're not monkeying around when we say the crazy experiences are sure to have both parent and child laughing their heads off as they share the stories together. 

Presented with eye-catching yellow designs, don't hang around to get your hands on these books. They're perfect for all curious little monkeys.

Titles in this collection (7)
  1. Curious George and the Birthday Surprise
  2. Curious George goes to a Chocolate Factory
  3. Curious George visits a Toy Shop
  4. Curious George visits the Library
  5. Curious George and the Fire-Fighters
  6. Curious George catches a Train
  7. Curious George and the Dinosaur