Defender of the Realm #2: Dark Age

Scholastic uk

  • $69.00

He’s a superhero, a king and a brave kid facing dark danger! Seriously – does Alfie ever get a chance to kick back? He saved England from the deadly Black Dragon in the great battle at his coronation. Now it’s time to relax and enjoy palace life, right? Wrong! First off, King Alfie has the teensy little job of learning what it REALLYmeans to rule a nation. (Way more work than homework. Yikes.) But is the Black Dragon really gone? When some undead Vikings show up, it looks like that’s a big NO. Time for the Defender to get his cape back on!

  • Second in this gripping royal superhero fantasy series
  • The first book was shortlisted for the Brilliant Book Award
  • By the screenwriting team behind TV’s Danger Mouse
  • King Arthur meets Young Bond meets Percy Jackson

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