Dinosaur Cove Collection - 7 Books

Oxford University Press

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Product Info.: By Oxford University Press | Age: 5+ | Dimensions: 19.8cm x 12.9cm | Format: Paperback

For any child aged 5 and above who is fascinated by the magnificent prehistoric creatures, as well as those who may be reluctant readers, the Dinosaur Cove series will be a roaring success

Throughout these six chapter books from the Cretaceous series, Jamie and Tom come across a faraway land which is home to some of the most magnificent beasts to have ever walked the earth. Thrilled to be there, it's not long before the boys' lives are in peril - especially when they come face-to-face with a hungry T-rex, an angry Triceratops and a vicious Velociraptor. This is perfect reading before moving onto the Beast Quest books.

As an added bonus, the collection also includes a Cretaceous survival guide - packed with prehistoric facts, puzzles and activities to keep young dino-hunters happily entertained after finishing the exciting stories.

This collection contains books 1-6, plus the Cretaceous Survival Guide, in the Cretaceous series of Dinosaur Cove books.

Titles in this collection (7)
  • Charge of the Three-horned Monster
  • Attack of the Lizard King
  • March of the Armoured Beasts
  • Flight of the Winged Serpent
  • Catching the Speedy Thief
  • Stampede of the Giant Reptiles
  • Cretaceous Survival Guide

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