Dinosaurs Have Feelings too Collection - 6 Books

Hachette Childrens Books

  • $199.00

Product Info.: Brian Moses | Age: 3+ | Dimension: 21cm x 19cm | Format: Paperback

Meet the likes of Samuel Scaredosaurus, Anna Angrysaurus and Jamal Jealousaurus in this six-book collection that looks at emotion and explains how to deal with various difficult feelings.

Funny and light-hearted, they're brightly illustrated and cover everything from being scared to anger and jealousy. The dinosaur theme makes them extra appealing.

Each story also has teachers' and parents' notes at the back to help you help your children understand about emotions.

Titles in this collection (6)
  • Sophie Shyosaurus
  • Samuel Scaredosaurus
  • Jamal Jealousaurus
  • Anna Angrysaurus
  • Gracie Grumposaurus
  • William Worrydactyl

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