Dragonsitter Series 8 books

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The Dragonsitter Detective
Eddies mum is getting remarried, to Uncle Mortons Scottish neighbour Gordon. But then Ziggy is stolen. Its not long before Arthur is taken too. Eddie must track the thief down, rescue Uncle Mortons dragons and get to the church on time. . .
Eddie is dragonsitting again, but this time hes looking after Uncle Mortons Scottish island too. And there are some strange goings on the local sheep are disappearing, and Eddie swears he sees a mysterious creature in the loch. Could there be more than just dragons living there? It seems Eddie is in for a beastly surprise! 
Takes Off
Eddie had thought that this time dragonsitting would be easy until Ziggy disappears, only to be found in the linen cupboard, refusing to budge. But moving Ziggy is the last thing on Eddies mind when he learns that his uncles dragon has been keeping a big secret . . .
The Castle
When Eddie has to take Uncle Mortonas dragons away with him in the Christmas holidays is not long before they are causing all sorts of mischief again! Dragonsitting is not getting any easier for Eddie. A castle, a sneezing dragon and a big box of fireworks. Looks like the new year is going to start with a bang!
The Party
It is Eddies birthday and he is looking forward to a birthday party filled with fun, games and . . . dragons? Ziggy and Arthur are the unexpected guests, but their idea of a good time involves eating everything in sight and ruining the party magicians tricks. Is Eddie in for the wrong kind of birthday surprise?
The Rescue
Eddie takes the dragons with him on his half-term trip to London, but it is not long before disaster strikes and both dragons go missing. From the Natural History Museum to the London Eye, through tube stations, hotels and London Zoo, Eddie chases his dragons, hoping to avert disaster. But there is no smoke without a fire...
The Trick Or Treat
Halloween night is full of strange creatures, witches, vampires, ghosts -- and dragons! Eddie and Emily take their uncles pet dragons trick-or-treating. But the dragons have quite the sweet tooth, and it is not long before things go ghoulishly wrong!
The Dragonsitter
It had sounded so easy Edward was going to look after Uncle Mortons unusual pet for a week while he went on holiday. But soon the fridge is empty, the curtains are blazing, and the postman is fleeing down the garden path.