Feelings (Hardback)

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  • $79.00

With a cut-out, peek-through silhouette of a brave little boy pondering his thoughts, this is a book that will help you and your children understand the nature of feelings and what they mean.

Sure to make you and your kids experience all the emotions, the text is visceral and the visual style makes it rewarding on repeated reading. Wonderfully enchanting, it will help children understand why every person is unique and experiences different emotions.

Written by Richard Jones in delightful rhyme and with Libby Walden's gorgeous watercolour artwork, each spread is dominated by a colour that relates to the emotion and feeling. The textured jacket makes the book extra special.
  • Publisher: Little Tiger Press Group
  • Format: Hardback
  • Dimensions: 28.2cm x 23.1cm
  • Pages: 32


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