Gracie La Roo Collection - 6 Books

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This lively collection features six fun stories that follow Gracie La Roo, a synchronized swimming pig extraordinaire!

She is the star of her team, the Water Sprites, but she is also the youngest of the bunch. Follow Gracie as she manages fame, works on her confidence and navigates tricky situations while nurturing her talent.

With their humorous characters and relatable plots, these stories are perfect for helping children build confidence, form friendships and learn to speak up.

Format: paperback

Titles in this collection (6)

  1. Gracie La Roo Sets Sail
  2. Gracie La Roo Goes to School
  3. Gracie La Roo on the Big Screen
  4. Gracie La Roo at Pig Jubilee
  5. Gracie La Roo at Training Camp
  6. Gracie La Roo in the Snow