Kipper Collection - 10 Books in a Bag

Kipper Collection - 10 Books in a Bag

Hachette Childrens Books

  • $269.00

Product Info.: By Mick Inkpen | Age 3+ | Dimensions: 27.0cm x 24.0cm | Paperback


Coming in a handy carry bag, this is a wonderful collection of 10 of Mick Inkpen's classic Kipper stories.

A favourite with toddlers for over 25 years, the lovable dog Kipper celebrates his birthday; goes camping; chooses a new pet; and plays in the snow throughout these brilliant books.

This collection is a barking brilliant gift that is sure to be cherished for a long time to come.

Titles in this collection (10)
  1. Kipper
  2. Kipper's Birthday
  3. Kipper's Monster
  4. Kipper's New Pet
  5. Hide me, Kipper!
  6. Kipper's Snowy Day
  7. Kipper's Beach Ball
  8. Kipper's Toybox
  9. One Year with Kipper
  10. Kipper's Little Friends