Ladybird I'm Ready for Phonics Collection - 12 Books

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Beautifully bright phonic stories at twelve levels. A great way to learn letter sounds and blends, and get ready for your Year 1 Phonics Screening Check. So – what’s so good about this series? The stories are fast-paced and funny: you’ll really want to know what happens next. Zingy colour pictures snap off the pages with more crackle and pop than a bowl of Rice Krispies. (There are even little clues if you get stuck.)

Read the books in order: they take you through twelve stages from first steps to tricky sounds. The cutest, most vibrant phonic stories you could ever imagine. We love you, Ladybird!

  • Progressive phonics moving through 12 levels
  • Bright and exciting stories with bold colour artwork
  • Helps children identify and learn key phonic sounds
  • Follows the order of phonics teaching in schools

From initial letter sound practice to decoding tricky words, our Ladybird I'm Ready for Phonics Collection is a complete series of carefully levelled books to help children master phonics and take the first steps on their reading journey.

Each book features two original stories and covers one reading level, focussing on specific letters and sounds, and later pronunciations and alternative spellings.

Brightly illustrated and told in both fun, bouncy rhyme and traditional prose, this 12-book collection of phonics books is perfect for bookworms-in-training aged 3 and above.

Titles in this collection (12)
  • Captain Comet's Space Party
  • Nat Naps
  • Top Dog
  • Huff! Puff! Run!
  • Fix It Vets
  • Dash is Fab!
  • Big, Big Fish
  • Dig, Farmer, Dig!
  • Fun Fair Fun
  • Wow, Wowzer!
  • Wizard Woody
  • Monster Stars