Melowy Magical Friendship Collection x 6 books


  • $199.00

Melowy is a book series about special pegusi called Melowies (male counterpart, Megas) who are born with a symbol on their wings (usually representing their element) and a hidden magical power. When they turn 14, they go to the Castle of Destiny and learn how to harnass their powers. This is where the series starts, and our main characters, Cleo, Selena, Cora, Maya, and Electra, discover their world of adventure!

Titles in this collection:

  1. Dreams come true
  2. Song of the moon
  3. Night of Courage
  4. Ice Enchantment
  5. The Surprise Visit
  6. The Secret Book

Age : 7-10

page : 96 

Author  : Danielle Star

Publisher : Scholastic 


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