My Carry Me Along Collection - 10 Books

My Carry Me Along Collection - 10 Books

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  • $299.00

Meet Smudge the dog; read about a rhino with a big itch; and learn how to share with a pair of rabbits... These simple animal stories are heartfelt and full of gentle humour.

Presented in a handled slipcase, each book also has a handle for easy transportation and features appealing artwork of characters children will love.

There's also an incredible adventure story; a book about a wishing star; and a dinosaur tale.

Format: paperback

Titles in this collection (10)

  1. Smudge
  2. Rhino's Great Big Itch!
  3. Time to Sleep, Alfie Bear!
  4. The Wishing Star
  5. If you Meet a Dinosaur
  6. Baa! Moo! What will we do?
  7. The Very Busy Day
  8. It's not always easy to...Share
  9. Ted, Bo and Diz The First Adventure
  10. Bumble the Little Bear with Big Ideas!

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