My Secret Unicorn 10 Book Collection by Linda Chapman

Penguin Books Ltd

  • $329.00

Linda Chapman brings together this magical My Secret Unicorn 10 book collection. Lauren has  what appears to be just a regular grey pony. However, when she says the words of a spell, her pony Twilight transforms into a unicorn. Read all about their magical adventures together as they meet new friends and fly all over the world, but remember to keep it a secret. This book is ideal for unicorn lovers aged 7+.

Titles in This Set
  1. Rising Star
  2. Friends Forever
  3. Twilight Magic
  4. A Touch of Magic
  5. A Special Friend
  6. Stronger Than Magic
  7. Starlight Surprise
  8. Flying High
  9. Dreams Come True
  10. The Magic Spell

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