Oxford Reading Tree: Chucklers Fun Fiction Collection – 14 Books

Oxford University Press

  • $329.00

Product Info.: Oxford University Press | Age: 5+ | Dimensions:19.8cm x 12.8cm | Format: Paperback

This 14-book collection of Chucklers Fan Fiction will make children laugh their socks off!

All edited by popular author Jeremy Strong, the books cover the Oxford Reading Levels 8-14 (coloured book band levels are also included) and are full of funny tales.

There's the story of Roxanne and the Fairy Godbrother; a supersonic hamster; and a tale of some absolutely awful adults.


Titles in this collection (14)

  1. The After-School Alien Club – Jonny Zucker
  2. Roxanne and the Fairy Godbrother – Meg Harper
  3. Making Monsters Happy – Susan Gates
  4. Stodgepodge! – Jeremy Strong
  5. Sam’s Supersonic Hamster – Adam & Charlotte Guillain
  6. Pets: Mission Impossible – Adrian Bradbury
  7. Parrots of the Caribbean – Steve Barlow and Steve Skidmore
  8. Smelly Socks and Terrible Tangles – Damian Harvey
  9. Gizmo – Michaela Morgan
  10. Tyrannosaurus Max – Jeremy Strong
  11. King Arthur Needs You! – Chris Baker
  12. The Boggart – Ros Asquith
  13. Fur From Home – Animal Adventures – Andy Blackford
  14. Absolutely Awful Adults – Claire O’Brien

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