Oxford Roald Dahl Dictionary by Oxford University Press

Oxford University Press

  • $149.00

Product Info.: By Oxford University Press | Format: Hardback

Have you ever searched through a dictionary and been disappointed at all the nice, normal, safe words? Then this book, the Oxford Roald Dahl Dictionary, might just be for you!

Compiled by Dr Susan Rennie for Oxford University Press, this 287-page dictionary contains "only really interesting words", from aardvark to zozimus (and if you want to know what zozimus means, you'll need to read the dictionary!)

Each page of this book is beautifully illustrated by Quentin Blake in full colour, and is filled to the brim with lots of marvellous quotes from Roald Dahl himself, which show wonderfully how he used language to create such classic and inspiring tales.

A brilliant gift for Roald Dahl fans young and old!

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