Perfectly Poppy Collection - 8 Books

Perfectly Poppy Collection - 8 Books

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Fans of Katie Morag will love following the stories of the loveable Poppy as she has all kinds of first experiences and exciting adventures in these fun-filled stories.

Poppy has outgrown her bike but when Dad brings home a new one, she's worried it's too big and doesn't want to ride it. Can anyone, or anything, change her mind? She also heads to the beach on holiday, but it's not the dream she'd been hoping for - the sand is hot, the water's cold and the wind is, well... windy!

She also starts playing football but doesn't want to practise. After a bad match, she wonders if it's worth the effort; she also welcomes a new puppy into the family but isn't too happy about the extra work a puppy brings.

Titles in this collection (8)

  1. Outside Surprise
  2. The Big Bike
  3. Football Star
  4. Poppy Puppy
  5. Snowy Surprise
  6. Beach Day Blues
  7. The Summer Party
  8. Talent Show Trouble

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