Reading Champion: Developing Collection - 30 Books- Shrinkwrapped

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Every title in this bumper selection of Reading Champion books has been specifically designed for children aged 5 and over who are starting to read independently (Book Band level: Orange-White).

From One of Our Tigers is Missing to Cave Boy and the Egg and Dragon's Hiccups, these expertly levelled books are full of appealing themes and easy-to-follow plots and will support the books read in school classrooms.

The original stories have diverse artwork and contain reading advice and activities to further aid learning.

Reading Champion is an innovative series, designed to support and enrich your child's reading experience at home. It is the first ever officially levelled reading programme linking to the guided reading that your child is doing in the classroom.

Format: paperback

Titles in this collection (30)

  1. Orange - Dragon Hiccups- Jenny Jinks & Martin Remphry
  2. Orange - A Crown for Lion- A. H. Benjamin & Jeff Crowther
  3. Orange - Robot Gets It Wrong- Elizabeth Dale & Maxine Lee
  4. Orange - Funny Footprints- Katie Dale & Nanette Regan
  5. Orange - Dog at School- Katie Dale & Gustavo Mazali
  6. Orange - Little Spook- Penny Dolan & Joshua Heinsz
  7. Turquoise - The Cat's Tale- Lynne Rickards & Karl West
  8. Turquoise - Cave Boy and the Egg- Damian Harvey & Bill Bolton
  9. Turquoise - Tom the Naughty Tooth Fairy- Elizabeth Dale & Adriana Puglisi
  10. Turquoise - Jack's Junk- Elizabeth Dale & Mirella Mariani
  11. Turquoise - The Dinosaur Bone- Elizabeth Dale & Stu McLellan
  12. Turquoise - The Very Worst Wizard- Elizabeth Dale & Denis Cristo
  13. Purple - Flash and the Butterfly- Jill Atkins & Sue Eastland
  14. Purple - The Giant Snowball Mystery- A. H. Benjamin & Andy Rowland
  15. Purple - Hey! You! Gordon Goat!- Ann Bryant & David Arumi
  16. Purple - The Dog Show- Jill Atkins & Rupert Van Wyk
  17. Purple - The Hen Who Cried Fox- A. H. Benjamin & Marco Lombardini
  18. Purple - Lazy Jack- Sue Graves & Roger Simo
  19. Gold - Abdul's Lazy Sons- Katie Dale & Shahab Shamshirsaz
  20. Gold - One of our Tigers is Missing!- Sue Graves & Pauline Reeves
  21. Gold - The Sleepover- Jenny Jinks & Louise Forshaw
  22. Gold - Dolphin Ride- Jill Atkins & Geraldine Rodriguez
  23. Gold - Pip the Different Penguin- A.H. Benjamin & Bruno Robert
  24. Gold - One Hundred Wishes- Enid Richemont & Ben Whitehouse
  25. White - Androcles and the Lion- Sue Graves & Alex Paterson
  26. White - The Missing Necklace- Katie Dale & Ben Scruton
  27. White - The Big Match- Damien Harvey & John Lund
  28. White - Lost!- Sue Graves & Tom Disbury
  29. White - Who Will be King?- Katie Dale & Letizia Rizzo
  30. White - Goodbye Tessa- Katie Dale & John Joseph


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