(Hardback) The Beast of Buckingham Palace -David Walliam UK edition

Harper Collins Children’s Books

  • $139.00

David Walliams' brand new book The Beast of Buckingham Palace is his most epic adventure ever!

Don't miss the book that all little bookworms are eager to get their hands on; a brand new venture into epic fantasy adventure by 2018's biggest-selling author, David Walliams.

Set one hundred years in the future in the year 2120, London has fallen into ruins, and a griffin - the King of Beasts - threatens the safety of Buckingham Palace. Twelve year old Prince Alfred is sickly and has never even left the palace. But when his mother is dragged away to the Tower of London, Alfred may have no choice but to head out on a quest to save her, and face the King of Beasts in battle...


Travel forward in time for a fantastical adventure – a story of myth and legend that will enthral you right to its thrilling end.

David Walliams said, “This book is a real departure for me. It is a science-fiction fantasy adventure set in London one hundred years in the future. I hope my readers will love coming on this magical journey with me.”

Filled with gorgeous illustrations by Tony Ross, this best-loved children's writer and illustrator take us on a magical journey into a fantastical future realm that both children and parents will adore. Promising a tale of myths, magic and beasts along with Walliams' brilliant trademark heroes and villains, this richly imaginative story is sure to captivate readers.


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