The Crunching Munching Caterpillar and Other Stories Collection - 10 Books & CDs

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The lively and colourful picture books in this collection are all joined by CDs so children can read and listen to the antics of all the amazing animals.

Throughout the 10 books, toddlers will be entertained as they meet a very greedy bee; a crunching, munching caterpillar; and a smiley shark. There are some books with bedtime themes that will help settle down children before they go to sleep.

The witty stories on the CD are read by celebrities including Justin Fletcher (also known as Mr Tumble), Jamie Theakston and Craig Kelly. Each CD features two tracks - one is the complete story with original music and sound effects, while the other encourages learner readers to join in with the story being read and has pings to indicate when they should turn the page.

Approximate running time of all CDs: 152 minutes.

Titles in this collection (10)

  • The Crunching Munching Caterpillar
  • Shaggy Dog and the Terrible Itch
  • The Very Greedy Bee
  • The Bears in the Bed and the Great Big Storm
  • Quiet
  • The Very Noisy Night
  • Smiley Shark
  • The Very Lazy Ladybird
  • Snuggle Up, Sleepy Ones
  • The Teeny Weeny Tadpole

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