The Parker Inheritance

The Parker Inheritance

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A book. A riddle. A town full of secrets for two kids to solve… When Candice finds a letter in her granny’s attic in Lambert, South Carolina, she opens up a long-lost puzzle. The letter talks about a young woman. An injustice from decades ago. A buried mystery – and a fortune to be won by the person who solves it. So Candice and Brandon, the quiet boy across the street, decide to unravel the clues. The quest tugs them deep into Lambert’s history – full of ugly deeds, forgotten heroes and family secrets. Can they solve the puzzle before the answers slip into the past?

  • A gripping and moving mystery by a hugely talented writer
  • Powerful themes of lost secrets and the legacy of racism
  • Varian Johnson’s books include The Great Greene Heist
  • They include ALA Notable Books and Kirkus Best Books

“The town of Lambert brims with intrigue, keeping readers entranced until the very last page. A candid and powerful reckoning of history.” Kirkus

“Powerful…. Johnson writes about the long shadows of the past with such ambition that any reader with a taste for mystery will appreciate the puzzle.” New York Times Book Review

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