Time Hunters 10 books collection

Time Hunters 10 books collection

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After roaring through the Beast Quest books, adventure-loving children can take exciting trips through time with the 10 books in Chris Blake's Time Hunters collection.

These pacy stories follow Tom and Aztec girl Zuma as they battle against some of history's greatest warriors including Isis the Egyptian mummy who's been imprisoned for years and outlaws, samurais and pirates!

Packed with action and historical facts, these books find Tom and Zuma trying to track down hidden amulets and are oh-so addictive.

Please note: this is a 10-book collection and titles not included are Mohican Brave and Aztec Attack.

Titles in this collection (10)

  1. Gladiator Clash
  2. Knight Quest
  3. Viking Raiders
  4. Greek Warriors
  5. Egyptian Curse
  6. Pirate Mutiny
  7. Cowboy Showdown
  8. Samurai Assassin
  9. Stone Age Rampage
  10. Outback Outlaw


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