Treetops Myths and Legends Collection - 18 Books

Oxford University Press

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Product Info.: Oxford University Press | Age: 7+ | Dimensions: 20.0cm x 13.0cm | Format: Paperback

From Robin Hood to King Midas and Merlin and Beowulf to Hercules, this collection provides children with an enticing introduction to famous folklore tales.

Aimed at primary school-aged children, each book is beautifully illustrated and the exciting stories are sure to grab children's attention from the very first page.

With 18 books covering Oxford Reading Levels 10-15, these books will help children learn about all sorts of classic legends.

Titles in this collection (18 Books)

Wolf Fables (Level 10)

Floods (Level 10)

The Legend of Robin Hood (Level 10)

Animal Tricksters (Level 11)

God of Thunder (Level 11)

Merlin and the Lost King of England (Level 11)

Fables from Africa (Level 12)

When a Cat Ruled the World (Level 12)

Hercules the Hero (Level 12)

King Midas and other Tales (Level 13)

How the World Began (Level 13)

Rama’s Journey (Level 13)

Helen of Troy (Level 14)

Why the Sea is Salty (Level 14)

How Winter came into the World (Level 14)

Beowulf Grendel and the Dragon (Level 15)

The Star of Fruit Tree and other Stories (Level 15)

Dragon Tales (Level 15)

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