Zac Power Collection - 10 Books

Hardie Grant UK (Quadrille)

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With titles including Fossil Fury, Volcanic Panic and Swamp Race, your children will absolutely love joining Zac Power on his incredible adventures in this 10-book collection.

Shrouded in so much mystery that his identity remains a mystery even to his publisher, author H.I. Larry's series is based on the real-life experiences of a 12-year-old spy and is full of rip-roaring action and shocking surprises. Zac is an awesome hero who comes up against very bad baddies.

These thrilling tales are perfect for those children who are yet to fall in love with reading and are presented with easy-to-read text, word art and plenty of illustrations. We highly recommend them for fans of Secret Agent Jack Stalwart.

About Zac Power

Zac Power is a 12-year-old boy who comes from a family of spies. Seemingly ordinary, he has a secret life full of extraordinary fast-paced adventures involving state-of-the-art gadgets and spy equipment. Each book in the series is a stand-alone story in which Zac is sent on an exciting mission by the Government Investigation Bureau, the top secret organisation he is a member of.

The Zac Power series has won the hearts and inspired the imaginations of children all over the world. Almost 1 million books in the series have been sold since it was first launched in 2006. The series is designed for early readers who may have outgrown themes in regular school readers but are not yet ready to read more complex and sophisticated adventure books. The books are high on action, but low on word count, with illustrations of the awesome gadgets Zac uses on his missions which act as reading breaks.

The classic Zac Power range has now extended to 25 best-selling titles. This boxed set contains 10 books in the classic series:

Titles in this collection (10)
  • Poison Island
  • Mind Games
  • Frozen Fear
  • Tomb of Doom
  • Lunar Strike
  • Volcanic Panic
  • Swamp Race
  • Close Shave
  • Fossil Fury
  • Shock Music