Carol Vorderman Computer Coding Made Easy Ages 7-11 (Key Stage 2)


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ISBN: 9781409349402
Size: 290 x 204 mm
Pages: 40
Published: 01 Jul 2014
About Computer Coding Made Easy, Ages 7-11 (Key Stage 2)
A fun introduction to computer programming for kids

Carol Vorderman takes kids' step-by-step through the basics of computer programming and how to work with code, the language of the future.

Speaking to a global movement to teach children to code, this Python programming workbook breaks down key concepts into small, easy-to-understand parts. Your child is encouraged to practise copying code into the workbook so their new computer literacy sticks. A playful, hands-on approach that enhances other cognitive benefits such as skills in problem solving and abstract thinking.

Computer Coding Made Easy is a great starting point for understanding code, learning how to program, and practicing computer language, for fun or for the future.

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