The Secret Explorers and the Plant Poachers By SJ King


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About The Secret Explorers and the Plant Poachers

Grab your backpack and let's head into the wild with the Secret Explorers!

Embark on an unforgettable journey of discovering forest life and protecting an endangered plant! Learn all about the amazing Venus flytrap in this action-packed, conservation-themed instalment of DK's new educational fiction series.

Meet the Secret Explorers - a band of brainiac kids from all around the world. Everyone in this diverse group of young experts has a speciality, from dinosaurs to volcanoes. Each story follows a character who gets chosen for a "secret exploration".

This edge-of-your-seat educational fiction book for children is packed with:

- Fun facts and illustrations about exciting plant species
- Simple and informative diagrams show kids all they need to know about the Venus fly trap
- Quizzes, mission notes, and a glossary of words with definitions

In this fascinating children's nature book, we join biology expert Leah on a mission to a forest in North Carolina, USA. Joined by history buff Gustavo, the team must work together with a botanist to protect the endangered Venus flytrap from being stolen by poachers and sold for money.

It'll take every bit of brainpower, bravery, and expertise that Leah and Gustavo have to stop the poachers and rescue the plants. At the end of this fictional action book, you'll find "Leah's Mission Notes" which is a summary of all the scientific facts and discoveries made throughout the story.

With a gripping narrative that keeps kids engaged, The Secret Explorers and the Plant Poachers by SJ King is the perfect gift for children aged 7-9 captivated by nature. Packed with lots of information about different forest plants, this adventure book gives children a thrilling introduction to the natural world.

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