It Can't Be True! Human Body! 1000 Amazing Facts About You


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ISBN: 9780241446645
Size: 284 x 225 mm
Pages: 176
Published: 26 Aug 2021
About It Can't Be True! Human Body!
Get ready to have your mind blown with these jaw-dropping facts and visual comparisons about the human body!

Packed with incredible stats and facts about the human body that will leave you and your family utterly amazed. The perfect book for kids and adults who love science, biology, or any weird, wonderful and gruesome facts.

Do you want to impress your family and friends with mind-boggling information? Well, now you can. Inside the pages of this educational book, you'll find:

- 1,000 amazing facts about the human body
- Stunning images help explain big numbers relating to facts about the body so that children can understand
- Fast fact science boxes that are illustrated with engaging info-graphics to cover essential info on how the body works
- Amazing pictures magnified many times show you parts of the body as you've never seen them before
- Simple, easy-to-understand secondary artworks which make the main images on each spread the stars of the show
- Fun, accessible text suitable for ages 9+ - and fascinating information for adults too!

Did you know that Chimpanzee skin has the same number of hairs as humans? Or that you regrow your outer layer of skin 700 times in your lifetime! Or that your DNA can stretch to the sun and back - not once - but 16 times? If these facts have already blown your mind, then wait until you read all 1000 facts!

Discover unbelievable facts about your body, with enough blood and guts to satisfy even the most curious kids. It Can't Be True! Human Body! is filled with bite-size, fascinating nuggets of information about the incredible abilities of human bodies. Compelling, computer-generated images (CGIs) reveal just how impressive your body is. It's the perfect addition to any family or classroom bookshelf!

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