The Great Wall Through Time llustrated by Du Fei


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About The Great Wall Through Time

Embark on an unforgettable time-travelling journey along one of the world's greatest landmarks: the Great Wall of China.

Spanning 2,700 years and over 21,000km (13,000 miles), this beautifully illustrated children's book reveals the fascinating story of the Great Wall and the individuals that helped build it. What started out as a frontier defence against northern tribesmen has, over time, become one of the seven great wonders of the world.

Exquisite panoramic illustrations and engaging text bring to life key periods and turning points in the Great Wall's history - from the first defensive forts built in 656 BCE to its painstaking present-day restoration. Cutaway views reveal the interiors of important buildings, and pull-out details introduce fascinating facts and key characters. Children will also love searching for the adventurous time-travelling fox who appears in each of the artworks.

Perfect for parents and children to pore over together, The Great Wall Through Time makes a gorgeous gift or collector's item. Fun, interactive, and packed with details, it vividly presents Chinese history to children as they have never seen it before.

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