World War II The Definitive Visual Guide


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ISBN: 9780241184189
Size: 309 x 263 mm
Pages: 372
Published: 01 May 2015
About World War II The Definitive Visual Guide
Explore the causes and consequences of one of the largest wars, not just of the 20th Century, but in humankind's history. Written in association with the Smithsonian Museum.

This 70th-anniversary edition explores World War II events as you have never seen before - The people, the places, and the politics. This edition commemorates those who lost their lives, and to remind us "never again".

This authoritative and comprehensive reference book covers the Second World War, beginning with the Great War's devasting results and finishes with the long-lasting after-effects. World War II: The Definitive Visual Guide unpacks the often-complex details of the war logically and is easy to understand.

Defining moments of war itself, such as the D-Day landings, Pearl Harbour, and the German invasions across Europe, are detailed. This coffee table book takes you through the theatres of war like Iwo Jima, Operation Barbarossa and the Battle of the Atlantic.

Read about leading military figures like Erwin Rommel and Bernard Law Montgomery, known as "Monty." Discover the soldiers and their uniforms, weapons, and equipment. Learn about the inventions, scientific discoveries, and technological advancements that the war produced.

Eyewitness accounts and rarely seen colour photographs profile what life was like away from the battlefield. Meet the legendary political parties and leaders involved in the war and which strategies they followed. Read thought-provoking accounts of ordinary citizens that aided the war effort. Get a sense of what life was like under the threat of Hitler and the Nazis. This definitive visual guide offers an unparalleled account of this devastating conflict to continue to learn from the past.

From The Blitzkrieg to the Atom Bomb

This visually appealing as coffee table book has a lot to offer, each chapter begins with an introduction and includes a history timeline that makes it easy to put together the events and follow history through the war.

The chapters also include maps, side panels, photos, and guides to different battlefields. These give the reader a wide variety of ways to engage with the information, whether you want to browse and pick out titbits or spend a bit longer for a more in-depth and broader overview of World War 2.

This history book will take you through:
- The Seeds of War 1914-1938
- Europe Goes to War 1939
- Germany Triumphant
- The Widening War
- The Shifting Balance 1942
- The Allies Turn the Tide 1943
- Overwhelming Force 1944
- Endgame 1945
- Aftermath 1946-1950

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