Epic Words Vocabulary Book, Ages 4-8 (Key Stages 1-2)


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ISBN: 9780241527122
Size: 240 x 192 mm
Pages: 256
Published: 26 Aug 2021
About Mrs Wordsmith Epic Words Vocabulary Book, Ages 4-8 (Key Stages 1-2)
Boost vocabulary - and fall in love with words!

1,000 must-know words for kids, covering everything from emotions and food to the future of technology.

Hilarious and surprising illustrations reinforce word meanings.

Uniquely created with literacy experts, teachers and Hollywood artists.

"This book is pure magic! Driven by compelling research on the importance of vocabulary development and socio-emotional learning for every child's growth and development, this modern marvel is filled with engaging characters, powerful themes, and remarkable story-telling assets that every child and parent will love. It has been decades since I encountered a children's word book that was so delightful and important!" Michael Levine, Chief Knowledge Officer of Sesame Street

"Mrs Wordsmith Epic Words Vocabulary Book uses the very latest in the science of learning to grab children's attention and teach them words about their world. Educators take note! This book will not only improve children's vocabulary, it will accelerate it at epic speed." Susan Neuman, Professor of Childhood Education and Literacy Development, NYU

With a team of award-winning artists and writers, Mrs Wordsmith creates books, card games, worksheets, and mobile games to improve the reading and writing of kids aged 4-11, and to make learning fun!
Previously published as My Epic Life Word Book by Mrs Wordsmith in 2019.

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