Chess for Beginners


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ISBN: 9780241538432
Size: 281 x 218 mm
Pages: 48
Published: 05 Aug 2021
About Chess for Beginners
Go from beginner to chess tournament winner with this step-by-step guide that includes all the best tactics to master the royal game.

If your looking to sharpen up your chess knowledge, or your children are interested in joining the school chess club, this book teaches the principles of chess strategy with easy to follow explanations and illustrations.

Inside of the pages of this chess book for beginners, you'll find:

- Chessboard graphics that show how to apply the principles to real-life games
- Breaks down the value, importance and role of each piece
- The history section provides background on the game and its origins

Do you know your bishops from your knights? Or when castling is the best move? How
about the best way to counter the Queen's Gambit? The rules of chess may seem a little daunting for beginner players. The chessboard graphics illustrate different scenarios so you can visualise different moves and their potential outcomes, and learn the best move to make in any given situation to get to endgame and checkmate.

From the history of chess and the aim of the game to essential moves and taking your skills
even further in clubs, tournaments, and championships, Chess for Beginners covers it all. Written by International Master and renowned chess tutor Michael Basman and updated with two all-new sections.

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