Queen Elizabeth II By Brenda Williams, Brian Williams


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ISBN: 9780241644676
Size: 200 x 140 mm
Pages: 128
Published: 06 Apr 2023
About DK Life Stories Queen Elizabeth II
Discover the inspiring story of Queen Elizabeth II, the longest-reigning monarch in British history, in this fascinating kids' biography.

At just 25 years of age, Princess Elizabeth succeeded King George VI to the British throne. This compelling book looks at Elizabeth's life, both as a public and private figure. It traces her early years as a princess, her experiences in the women's army during World War II, her coronation, her life as Queen both at home and in the public eye, her death at Balmoral and the events of her funeral. Learn how Elizabeth worked alongside 15 British prime ministers, met leaders from around the world, and remained a stable presence as head of the British royal family.

DK Life Stories goes beyond the basic facts to tell the true life stories of history's most inspiring people. Full-colour photographs and hand-drawn illustrations complement age-appropriate, narrative text. Definition boxes, information sidebars, and inspiring quotes add depth, while a handy reference section at the back makes DK Life Stories the one biography series everyone will want to collect.

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